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Product Spotlight

Dear George

I have been buying Robbie's since I last spoke to you and now on my 3rd bag. The transformation has been absolutely fantastic.

My dogs coats are already much more shiny, they so look forward to their food now and all bowls are licked clean, even the fussy dogs finishes every scrap, within a week the change was unbelievable. Poos are perfectly normal now.

The food smells so lovely and every time I open the food bin the fresh smell of herbs come out. It is so easy to prepare and am also saving money as totally stopped using tinned food (my dogs would not eat dry kibble on its own).

Another thing I noticed was that some of my 'fatter' dogs have actually lost weight.

This is truly the best food in years and years and I am recommending it to everyone.

Oh yes, meant also to say that I have tried every dog food on the market and up to now, for about 3-4 years have been using *****, so I am quite experienced on the different types so therefore I am not being 'airy fairy' ref your food as I have never ever come across a food like this which had such instant results.

Thanks again for putting such a wonderful food on the market.

Keep up the good work George, think I might try some myself for my tea!!!! ha ha well if its good enough for my dogs....

Best regards,

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Robbie's Holistic Cuisine

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Robbie's Brown Rice & Lamb for Dogs

Robbie's Brown Rice & Salmon for Dogs

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The Dried Food with a BIG Difference

Robbies natural holistic food for dogs

Ingredients (Dehydrated)

Feeding Costs - click here

Feeding Guide - based on the dry weight before water is added

(150g should be enough to feed the average Border Collie (15kg) for 1 day.)

No swelling of food in the stomach - it is all done in the bowl!

Weight of Dog


1 - 5kg

16 - 50

5 - 10kg

50 - 100

10 - 20kg

100 - 200

20 - 30kg

200 - 300

30 - 40kg

300 - 400

40 - 50kg

400 - 500

Amounts may vary depending on age, exercise, and other factors like age. Young dogs will require more while older dogs less.

A supply of fresh clean water (preferably bottled or filtered) should always be available.

Read our FAQ’s regarding the Fussy Eater or the Hungry or Greedy Dog.


Analysis (dry matter basis)









Vitamin A

10,000 iu/kg

Vitamin D3

1500 iu/kg

Vitamin E

75 iu/kg


15 iu/kg